1. Let: an act of reverse incorporation

    Date 12 Jul 2017
    So what of the title… Let: an act of reverse incorporation Let is to rent, to allow, to give passage. Let is “an expression that associates a condition or definition with a restricted scope.” The museum is a restricted scope. One condition associated with museum is concept “the West.” Edouard…

  2. An artist statement on VORE works

    Date 27 Mar 2017
    In 2008 I made the painting that would launch my VORE series. The piece is Vaster Empire (2008) and the title references Sir William Morris’s poem “A Song of Empire” that commemorates Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, June, 1897.  “We hold a vaster Empire than has been!Nigh half the race of man is subject to…

  3. A note on ‘Sunshine on a Cannibal’

    Date 26 Mar 2017
    Sunshine on a Cannibal (2015) Suite of 24 paper panels, 44” x 180” “MONDO CANE”There are references in this work that are linked beyond being presented together in the painting Sunshine on a Cannibal: Yves Klein’s Suaire de Mondo Cane (Mondo Cane Shroud, 1961) and the mondo-genre filmmakers Paolo Cavara, Franco…

  4. A note on INK BABEL

    Date 20 Mar 2017
    Ink Babel 2014, installed at Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, MB In the book Through the Vanishing Point, Marshall McLuhan and Harley Parker comment on the episodic imagery depicted on vases of ancient Greece. They write,  There is no point of view from which to look at a vase. The viewer

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